Things You Can Do to Get the Best Massage


Like everyone else, you want the best experience every time you go for a massage. You need relief from pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and muscle tension, among other benefits. Depending on your choice of spa and the massage therapist, however, these benefits may a reality or a mere wish.

Here are some ways to ensure that you get the best experience every time you go for a professional massage:

Choose Your Massage Spa and Therapist Wisely

Before booking your massage, get to know who will be providing the service. Get to know his training, quality of service, and level of experience in massage therapy. If you have any gender preference, it is also important to let the spa know in advance.

Some people go for their first massage appointment and because of making the wrong choice of therapist, they conclude that massage is bad.

Talk About Your Preferred Pressure During Massage

When lying on the massage table, it is important to remain conscious of the pressure being exerted on your body. If it is too much, ask the therapist to take it easy on you and if you need more, speak up as well.

It is easy to get hurt during a massage if you remain quiet when the pressure is too much though this is never the intention of your therapist. For your benefit and to make the job easier for your therapist, speak up any time you need a change. The massage therapist will periodically ask questions like, ‘is the pressure too much or would you want me to get deeper?’

Get More of It

When you go for your first massage appointment, there is a likelihood that you may feel sore a day after the massage. With time, however, your body will get used to the massage and you will not get any aches after massage therapy.

Keep Calm

When the massage is ongoing, try to remain as calm as possible unless the massage therapist asks you to move a part of your body. Making unnecessary movements puts you at risk of exposing parts of your body that are not getting massaged at that time and you don’t want this.

As you lie on the massage table, avoid thinking about your imperfections as they do not bother the massage therapist whatsoever. Whether you have scars, unwanted hair, bony back or even cellulite, do not allow you them to get in the way of getting the best of your massage.

Avoid Taking Alcohol Before or Immediately After Your Massage

When you take alcohol before getting your massage, it may negatively affect your blood sugar or blood pressure. Alcohol may also cause you to vomit which may not be too good an experience for you and the massage therapist.

If you must take alcohol on the day of your massage, wait for a few hours after your massage. However, there is a massage spa that will offer a glass of wine immediately after the massage which you can take.

If possible, you should book your massage in the evening so that you can have enough time to rest. But, this does not mean that massage in the morning or during lunch breaks are not beneficial. You will reap great benefits from your massage, regardless of the time you choose to have it.

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